Kenn Philrose is a beauty and fashion brand that is geared toward exciting the sensual and creative potential locked away in women. We live in a society that likes to stifle women, stomp out their pure essence. Not because women are actually harmful, deceptive, or distracting, but because we our strength and power at it's core. They fear us at our best, so they breed us to always run away from our power. 

When we unlock our sexual energy we unlock a whole new world we never knew existed. At it's purest form, equal energy is our creative energy and the way we express our love and appreciation for the world around us. When you feel blocked sexually, you may notice that your life lacks color and your spirit lacks motivation in much of anything. Your ideas are stalled and the days blend together until there's just one infinite one. Sexual energy inspires self love. When you have a healthy flow (openly and safely expressing your personal sexual energy). You set boundaries and standards as well as embrace all that you are, mind and body. You aren't ashamed of your desires and you're able to share them in a safe space whether thats solo or with a partner(s).

We share visual art, literature, and fashion that helps women unlock as well as embrace what's true and empowering for them. With this we hope women will gain confidence in theirselves and to embrace who they are without fear of judgement from the world. This is a safe spaces and all strains are welcome in our rose garden. 

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Erotica novellas, short stories and relatable poetry that tackles the depth of emotion one can reach in the midst of battling mental illness.


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