Formerly, a brand, when I lost sight of my vision. Honestly, I was too caught up in being catchy and trendy that I even ignored my own knowledge and my own words of staying true to myself and remaining the course. 

A major traumatic event and many questions about my purpose and existence and still doing my best to navigate this healing process, I'm going back to my roots. 

Welcome to the Rose Garden is about exploring the limits and heights of your individual divinity. In a society that works so hard to stifle women and femmes, convincing them life is meant for them to serve if they want to be respected, and if they want to enjoy it, they have to deal with the consequences of constant attacks at their security of self and their purpose in this world.

I want to encourage all to acknowledge, embrace, and live out their truest needs and desires, to experience life unapologetically without blocks or limits. 

Welcome to our Rose Garden blooming with exotic dance, erotica, tarot, and nails, all coming together to enhance the beauty and self love in your life. Let's smell the roses!

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Erotica novellas, short stories and relatable poetry that tackles the depth of emotion one can reach in the midst of battling mental illness.


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