An anthology series of erotic shorts full of sensual, scandalous, and sometimes reckless tales for the reader interested in spicy mental escape at the end of your week. 

These tales are inspired by every aspect of life, being that creativity, derived of sexual energy can be found anywhere in any object, person, or location. 

Being a sexual being by nature, it's important for me that I express natural sexual feelings and desires without the stigma of being inappropriate or politically incorrect hovering overhead like a gloomy storm cloud reaching its maximum capacity. 

Sexuality is a power and a blessing gifted to us by the higher powers and we should be able to share with others, empowering our sexual energy instead of shaming and supressing it.   

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Tongue wars is a kinky short for my vouyers and exhibitionists alike.

Some nights when the alcohol has taken over and there your baby is looking like a meal fit for royalty, you just can't get home fast enough. 


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The power of goddess residing in me, but hardly ever seeing the light of day

That is until the rock of my hips to and fro, the rise of my thigh, and the gentle ride of my bosom sway.

Ignited by the steel, the fire within begins to spread like in the wild.

Temperature rising aggressively and the heat won’t be mild.

I come alive to the music of lust and desire ringing through my ears.

An honor so grand to my inner goddess I’m almost always moved to tears.

Then I catch a glimpse of my divine reflection in the mirror across from me…

Now I can look at the woman staring back as I serenade her to Stevie Wonder Isn’t She Lovely…

The journey is long, treacherous, the end hard to envision.

Some days I may forget, but today I acknowledge that I am the vision.