More than just a retail company, Lilith & Mary is a lifestyle. 

Our mission is to empower women to explore the depths of their sexuality in order to express themselves unapologetically. this unapologetic expression of self comes with self-assuredness and confidence that will leave you in alignment to manifest the life you deserve. 

Why So Sexual?

Sexuality, though taboo, is essential to living a well rounded, happy, and healthy life. 

1. Your sexuality is a reflection of your needs and desires. You deserve to feel good and feel cared for. 

2. Human connection and intimacy are essential to maintaining your mental health. We may come into this world alone, but we are meant to commune and fellowship with likeminded beings to help us feel understood but to also share love and affection. Too much isolation can have serious adverse effects on your sanity and lack of physical connection can leave you feeling disconnected, cold, and blocked emotionally.

3. Sexual energy is creative energy, just think of the act of sex and how it's purpose is to connect in love and passion to conceive new life. When we have a healthy sense of our sexuality or when we have a balanced flow in our sacral chakra, we are better equipped to create new ideas, projects, goals, and environments that put us in position to be our best selves as well as attract what we need as far as relationships, lifestyle, and career. 


Your sexuality is deeper than the few moments of passion you share with someone you may end up regretting later. When you are fulfilled and loved properly, it translates into other aspects of your life. You have more energy to work, you feel more creative and/or artistic, you're more present and motivated to complete tasks, and you feel good about yourself and your body from the inside out. 


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