Money & Love Attraction Spell

So I’m a frugal girl, frugal shopper, frugal cook, frugal witch, cuz I don’t have time to spend all my damn coin. Anywho, a lot of what you need need is outside in nature, all you need is a heart full of pure intentions and a respect for nature around you for letting you use her for your aid.

This isn’t a very simple spell that I found online and made my own. The key to spells are your intent and your belief. Once you have an understanding of the metaphysical properties of materials used and have a clear goal in you’re mind and in you’re heart, you can turn anything into a spell. The way the power of manifestation works is by taking the energy behind how we feel, how we behave, and how we speak to bring forth that energy into our reality. Be grounded and strong in your convictions for optimum results. There’s no right or wrong way to be a witch.

Most people don’t explain why certain materials are used and they leave that up to the readers’ but I’d like to help make more sense of things. When people understand how things work they’re less likely to doubt what they’ve never tried before.

Green: is a color of fertility, growth, harmony, nature, and finances

umay want to be specific, but generally the leaves represent healing, harmony, abundance, protection, strength, love, prosperity, and wisdom

Pink: love of self and others, harmony, peace, femininity, gentleness, affection, romance, and tenderness

Red: Passion, love, seduction, primal urges, vibrancy, energy, and health

Flowers: flowers have various meaning and properties depending on the type so I'll leave that up to you, however flowers generally bring in color, peace, love, romance, affection, and harmony

8: money, power, balance, karma, practical, realistic, and intelligent, drive, ambition, and efficiency

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