Spooky Hoe

We all love us some Halloween season, at least I know I do. I love dressing in black to okay on my witchy energy (I, know everyone’s a witch today. How annoying? Oh well deal with the shit). Anywho, did you know that witches wear black as a way to neutralize negative energy. We talk about how style and fashion are forms of self expression but do we ever talk about what it is that we are trying to express? Some days you feel like that bitch so you wear something form fitting or skin revealing with heals and a bomb ass weave or a sleek long pony. Or maybe you‘re feeling like crap but instead of portraying that to all that encounter your energy, you intend to manifest the opposite. You dress like that girl so that you’ll appear as her, then you start to feel like her, and adopt her energy.

Style is not only a form of self expression, but spiritual expression as well. With the occult and esoteric trend going around, everyone is become more aware of aligning to your highest good (growth) and using the law of attraction as well as the manifestation powers of the mind to create the life that you want for yourself. If you can think it, you can be it, and you can achieve it.

Same thing can apply for the professional world. Dressing to impress for that job interview, or for all the young entrepreneurs out there, that business meeting, or networking event. Now don’t get me wrong, Im not saying to dress in a way that doesn’t fit you’re oersonality, but you can make anything work for you’re style. the industry you’re in also plays a factor into how you dress. If you’re more of a corporate individual, then business attire is definitely your best bet, but you don’t have to look boring and frumpy. A good way to switch up the office look while staying true to your style and within the dress code limit is to try vintage pieces, prints, and colors such as pastels and earth tones to get away from the monotonous black and grey power suit tragedy.

Fashion professionals, of course want to put their best foot forward to make a good impression. Play up current trends but add your own individual twists. This way potential partners or employers see that even though you march to the beat of your own drum you definitely understand the current state of the Person Stylefashion industry. Being knowledgeable of the industry while pushing the boundaries is a good way to stand apart and add value to your brand.

Even if you’re Just running some errands or spending a day outside, seeing what‘s happening in the world, you express yourself. Ladies know what I’m talking about on those days when you dress like a total bum, face crusty, and hair looking like tumbleweed

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