STI's : Sex Time Interruptions

Everyone knows me to be super sexual and in tune with my sensuality, unaware of the complexities of that sexuality. All people see is sex. They envision you always on and always ready to perform your sensual duties. Once you position yourself on an image based in sexually, others struggle to see you as anything other no matter your skills and outside interest. It makes it difficult when meeting people in your personal life and when it’s time for those intimate moments, men are often confused when it doesn’t play out how they assumed.

There are tons of problems that turn me off from having sex from lack of foreplay, to lack of technical skill and knowledge of female anatomy, the lack of intimacy when sharing such a sacred part of your being, and the lack of interest in you as a person with the focus being on your vagina. But ultimately, the ones I hate the most leave me feeling embarrassed and strange. They’re so uncommon, I thought I was alone until I started to a little research.

You hear a lot about the dangers of sex and preventive measures to keep you safe in your relations, but you never hear about the rare, yet inevitable side effects a small percentage of us are unlucky enough to be afflicted with. Not only do you have to worry about bad sex, but I’m here to warn you of the ways your body will turn on you in the heated moments of passion and ecstasy which overwhelm your system to the point of shorting out.

Ever have sex and in the midst of the excitement you start to feel sick? Head ever begin pounding while he’s pounding out the bottom of your coochie? Or have you been so thoroughly pleasured by his strong dick sliding in and out of your hole, excitement builds up and you feel yourself ascending closer to explosion. Suddenly you feel those butterflies they always talk about in the movies fluttering around until their fluttering turns to twisting and churning and then it feels as though the last meal you ate is going to find itself launched from your mouth onto your partner. Now that would be a story to tell.

Sex can actually leave you feeling horrible during or after. Sometimes our body doesn’t know how to process the rush of adrenaline and other self produced drugs running through our bloodstream at lighting speed in moments of bliss. The first time it happened, I thought I caught something with instant symptoms, but that didn’t make any sense so I calmed down. Then I started to think the universe was conspiring to keep me from making another stupid ass decision. You throw pussy at one too many bum ass niggas and you start to think anything is a sign to just keep yourself to yourself. I wanted to stop, but was too embarrassed and the dick felt too good. I believe the change for me was triggered by my lack of comfortability around men. Yeah I’m attracted to them and sex is pretty cool, but 26 years of negative experiences will push to a space of avoidance. I’m not closed off from men, but I don’t make a habit of dealing with them if I don’t have to.

There are some people who experience migraines or headaches (coital headaches) during or after sex. Again, the excitement along with the strain of neck and head muscles during the strenuous sexual activity will leave you with aches and pains.

My favorite symptom, because who doesn’t enjoy a strong sense of nausea while riding dick? Maintaining your composure and your love faces when you’re concentrating on not making a nasty scene is an extreme sport. Nausea is extremely normal during sex especially on the brink of after an orgasm. The over exertion and contractions of your lower abdominal muscles is believed to play a role in this fact. A main factor in causing nausea during sex is being penetrated too rough, too deep. Hitting the cervix can leave you feeling sick during, but most usually after. Women have been trying to tell men for years now that there is an art to going deep. Though a very enjoyable treat, it has to be handled with care as the cervix is sensitive and also protects the uterus from the rest of the world. I mean I like getting down as much as the next girl, but I like my cervix un-prolapsed. This affliction also has a fancy ass name making it sound as if you need to be hospitalized. Vasovagal syncope which causes your heart rate as well as your blood pressure to drop. As someone who already deals with low blood sugar, this sudden drop also comes with feeling weak and faint.

You can also experience vertigo or temporary amnesia. Yes, you can get fucked so good, when he’s done, you know who you are, but you may not remember where you are, what you’ve done that day and why there’s a big dick gentlemen on top of you knocking your walls down. Not to worry though. Like I mentioned before, it’s only temporary. It’s known and transient global amnesia. The scary part about transient global amnesia is that not only do you struggle with retaining your memory of recent events, you may also have trouble holding onto your immediate memory. It’s not just sex that causes this affliction, but any type of strenuous physical activity. The common denominator being a sudden and significant change to the blood flow. Just imagine standing up too fast but times 10 and every fiber of your body is tingling with powerful vibrations and sensations so overwhelming, your body crashes like Twitter on a wild night.

You can typically expect sex induced amnesia after climax. The strain and excursion can cause blood vessels in the brain to become inflamed, impairing blood flow, which impairs the hippocampus, resulting in the inability to record new memories. And remember our friend coital headaches? When if you’re prone to those during sex, you’re more probable of experience orgasmic amnesia. It’s also possible to still have holes even after regaining your memory.

As you can see, there’s a running theme here with these sick symptoms you may have alrea

dy experience during a good dick appointment especially when you been holding out just to help you savor the moment better. Sex can be a passionate, strenuous, aggressive physical activity. You utilize every part of your body as you grind and ride. The two of you slamming your body’s into one another, panting like wolves, howling, moaning, screaming. Tossing your head as you’re overcome with pleasure and unsure of what to do with yourself in the moment other than allow yourself to be destroyed.

Though fun and exciting, this type of physical strain on the body for an extended period of time can definitely come with physical consequences. Typically people think of sex wounds as a little bruise or bite, maybe some scratches, some slight blood, and maybe even some pinched nerves. Definitely a strain, or a pull, and definitely sore as hell the next day after, if the sex was done right. You now know to be on the look out for other physical afflictions when engaging in coital activities. You may have experience one or more of them already and thought you were allergic to penis, your body is powerful enough to detect viruses and bacteria right away, or you’re being spiritually punished for being a freak nasty hoe. I’m here to help put your mind at ease just a bit and open you up other, more simple, and less frightening possibilities. Sometimes God is letting us have it, but for the most part we’re just humans enveloped in vulnerable flesh and tissues, organs, and bloods. All, working for us to keep us functioning and alive, but working against us during some of the most pleasurable experiences in life.

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