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So I've been dabbling into tarot and oracle cards for a little over 2 years now, but more seriously and in depth within the last year. If you didn't know, tarot is a form of divination utilizing a 78 card deck, 22 major arcana, and 56 minor arcana organized into 4 separate suits. Major aracana represents the greater or major secrets while the minor arcana represent the lesser or minor secrets. I won't make this a big tarot lesson as I'm still learning myself, but as I grow in this journey I think it's important to relate all messages from spirit. Every time I connect with spirit it isn't always for my own growth only, but also for those who's energy called out to mine through the universe. I'm a natural born healer and nurturer and I want to utilize my gifts in any and every way that I can.

Today's reading is a simple one card reading and we pulled the Empress

The Empress is the most feminine card of the entire tarot deck. If you're a woman and you're pulling this card, this is the day you are at your peak power. Hone in the emotional nature and giving spirit to enhance your true power. When you control your whims instead of allowing your whims to control you, you take your power back and can manifest anything in the world as you filter possible negative traits in a productive manner. All of your strong points are on display today as you thoroughly embody that Wonder Woman spirit tackling everything thrown at you with a levelhead and grace. For example, instead of lashing out with your emotions, use them to connect with those in need or to appeal to others in a healthy and conducive manner.

This card represents exactly that type of mental control and powerful feminine energy. If you're a married woman or someone who is ready to settle down this card is indicative that this is the best time to make a marriage commitment and/or get pregnant. Men who pull this card are being called to visit their mothers or to tend to the special woman in their lives as she needs. Pay extra special attention to her without contest or argument. It is also a call to look within and embrace one's feminine energy. All men and women house both feminine and masculine energies to help keep us balanced in our actions and our interactions with one another as well as the universe. To help bring the collective back to it's grace and help heal our internal and generational traumas, we must work towards balancing the energies already inside of us.

Key characteristics of the Empress card are mothering, the welcoming of abundance, because one must be open before they can receive, experiencing the senses because women naturally take more time to stop and appreciate the beauty in all that is around them and love to share their love physically, and responding to nature by connecting to the earth and all that is of it.

The Empress is half of the female archetype depicted in the tarot while the other half belongs to the High Priestess.

She represents the life giving mother, fertile and full of life. She is queen of nature and reigns over the patterns of the earth. When you embrace her energy, you allow yourself to enjoy all the simple things life has to offer you, nature being one of them. You stop to appreciate the true beauty and pleasures of life. All too often, especially in this internet era, we find ourselves valuing the wrong things or adopting false ideologies that fit a made up image that only exists in the movies and now online. This card is a reminder to stay grounded in your pure essence and to appreciate life as it should be. Don't get so caught up in worldly ideals of progression and success. Walk around and let your bare feet touch the earth. Plant your feet on the ground to remind yourself of where you are, where you would like to be, and how to get there. Don't get so caught up in the clouds.

When the Empress shows up in readings she is more than likely signaling a mother and not just a single woman who is a mother. This card is also signaling the creator energy. At the very essence of the term, a mother is one who not only creates life but nurtures it with love, care, and attention.

She can also represent lavish gifts as one of her key characteristics is being open to abundance. She brings an array of delights being that she experiences the senses. You may be experiencing a time of lavish dinners, and food. This can notify you of material blessings heading your way. If you pull this card in a reading, spirit is notifying you that the blessings you've been down so long, being humble for are on their way to.

So if you’ve ever studied tarot then youve seen that an easy way to better learn and understand the cards when memory isn’t enough, is to journal specific events that relate back to the card’s essence and meaning with your personal experiences.

When I pulled this card yesterday, I had no idea that it was going to resonate so well with the days energy. I had woken up with so much energy and positivity that I just knew the day was going to flow ever so smoothly. WRONG! I got to my first job only to realize I left my wallet and all of my money at home. I was low on funds because I hasn’t yet picked up my check from job number 1 and I needed to at least eat something then because I was going to be hustling, doing manual labor all day. Thank God for technology right because there was Ubereats right on my phone linked to my card. Bet! Oh but again, I was so wrong. My order was picked up unusually fast and then as I tracked it, the order magically disappeared as if the whole thing never happened.

Ready to flip shit, I reached out to Uber but was left without a response for about 35 minutes. Getting impatient, I reached out to them via twitter and it was getting a little ugly. I can’t even lie about that. After a little back and for the with their support team who wasn’t much help at the time, it dawned on me that, that was the time for me to sit still and control where I invested my energy. It’s so easy to blow up with inconveniences but takes a little more practice to keep your wits about you. What’s done is done and I still needed to eat so I ordered more food while I waited to hear back about my first order fiasco.

Fast forward to job number two for the day. I had about an hour in between jobs which isn’t much when you have to travel. I’m thinking it’s going to be a regular shift, not realizing we’re are jumpimg feet first into our ever so prosperous party season (the restaurant is booked everyday with an overload of group parties of 20+ people, usually 80+ and we all make a shit ton of money.)

Cool. It was going to take a lot out of me physically with the set up, the leading, and the clean up/break down but the reward would be worth it. WRONG! I was just very optimistic and it didn’t work out at all that day.

There were two parties we had to set up and reset for on the dining floor. I took about 10 tables in literally 60 minutes making a good coin whilst setting up a buffet to feed about 60 children. Oh and cut brownies for them. Listen I didn’t it all with a smile and grace. I used my leadership abilities and relatable personality to keep those kids amen chaperones happy and fed and on their way. Did I mention I cleaned up vomit at a table as well? All in all, I kept my head, I use different what I’m good at and used my empathic nature as well as my love for serving others to push me through. I was able to connect and to make others feel good. How does the Empress represent you?

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