Collective Energy

Today, you may be feeling abandoned, broken hearted, disappointed, and confused. The 3 of swords is a warning or message of pain and heartbreak. Whether romantic love, familial, or platoic, you are struggling to feel wanted/understood/accepted. 

The ace of swords reversed is about chaos and confusion. Don't allow the energy from the 3 of swords to push you into assumptions and lashing out. You'd rather talk to your loved ones, check in with their current minstate before you assume they are losing love for you. 

It's easy to project our insecureties on the ones closest to us when we feel lonely and disappointed in our time of need. 

Remember that meditation is your friend. Taking sometimes to yourself and your thoughts allows for you to actually analyze where the problems are in your life and how to effectively go about making solutions. It's been to sit in stillness as you analyze your current needs than to throw yourself into a spiral of self sabotage and destruction. 

Video Message

Self Love Messages

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Yesterday, i pulled the Justice card from the Manara Erotic Tarot deck seeking confirmation on whether to further disconnect during this time of solace and abandonment. 

I was a little lit in Pt. 2 so excuse me saying judgement first lmao

The Justice Card is ruled by Leo and carries the affirmations I want, creativity, and joyfullness. 

I hope this resonates. 

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